SyncKeepers: 2-Day Mastermind Event

The Live Feedback and Access You Need from the Gatekeepers of the Industry

March 7th - 8th 2019

Catch the Moon Music presents a two-day live event at the Harmony Gold Preview House in Los Angeles for songwriters, producers, singers, and artists focused on success in licensing their music.

This is a 2-Day Event to absorb inspiration and insight to advance your career. There will be incredible industry experts sharing tools and strategies. Here is a list of some of the speakers and panelists:

Music Supervisors, Licensing agents, Producers, Successful indie artists

  1. Maureen Crowe (Music Supervisors, Founder of the Guild of Music Supervisors)
  2. Jen Mandel (Uncle Agnes Music Supervision - TV, ads, & film)
  3. Garrett McElver (SuperMusicVision - TV & film)
  4. Chase Butters (Deutsch - ads)
  5. Mike Turner (Independent - TV & Film)
  6. Stephan Altman (Mophonics)
  7. Ari Herstand (Author, Musician)
  8. Alexandra Nickson (Music Supervisor - Dreamworks)
  9. Lindsay Wolfington (Lone Wolf Music Supervision - TV)
  10. Dan Koplowitz (Licensing Agent)
  11. Josh Sanderson (Music Career Coach and Educator)
  12. Bill Lefler (Producer)
  13. John Clinebell (Producer)
  14. Nate Highfield (Producer)
  15. Zion Brock (Producer)
  16. Gary Greenberg (music attorney)
  17. David Helfant (music attorney)
  18. Jason Sprague (Red Bull Records - licensing/clearance for label artists)
  19. Michelle Silverman (Music supervisor - Modern Planet - tv & film)
  20. Janet Lopez (Music Supervisor- Neophonic - tv & film)
  21. Sam Walsh (Team One - ads)
  22. Daryl Berg (Music supervisor- Crown Media/Hallmark - TV)
  23. Stephan Pine (Disney/ABC - TV)
  24. Gabe McDonough (Music Supervisor)
  25. Mary Ramos (Music Supervisor)
  26. Kyler England (singer/songwriter)
  27. Tamara Bubble (rapper/hip hop artist)
  28. Rehya Stevens (singer/songwriter)
  29. Nick Phelps (rapper/hip hop artist)


You will leave this event with a clear sense of what next steps you need to take in your career, relationships with music supervisors, licensing agents, AND likeminded songwriters and producers to help you actually create the music you need to make a living doing what you love!


March 7-8th, 2019
Sessions go from 9am-5pm both days
Please plan to arrive early (8:15ish) to get checked in.
We will start every session as close to ON TIME as possible!


Harmony Gold Preview House
7655 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

You don’t actually need a physical ticket. When you purchase through this site you'll automatically be added to THE LIST. So you’re all good! When you arrive (we suggest around 8:15 both days), you’ll need to visit the registration desk in the lobby to get checked in. We just want to mark you down and make sure you’re with us.

Click HERE for the schedule of Events for you to view, download, print out, memorize, blog about it, whatever.

Think business casual... or business artist... or... Ok, actually we don’t really have a dress code. But we ask you to be appropriate and think about dressing in a way that makes you feel your best!

You’ll want to take a lot of notes throughout this conference. I strongly suggest a good pen and notepad, or if you’re like me, an iPad or tablet, to write with. You definitely want to bring some business cards also! This is a great chance to network with other colleagues as well as supervisors if you get a chance. It’s also a great idea to have a few of your best songs downloaded into your smart phone, and a couple sets of headphones (and maybe headphone splitter) to share your music with others if and when you have the chance.

We will have a food vender in the lobby selling sandwiches and pastas (grab a go), chips, sodas, coffee, water and juice. We will also have free chips (thanks to a generous PopChips donation). There are tons of food places around the venue including Chipotle, Cheebo, Electric Owl, Aroma Bar and Grill, etc. A quick Yelp or Google search will help you find a great place within walking distance. You are more than welcome to bring a lunch if you'd like, and eat in the lobby or outside. During breaks you’re more than welcome to have a snack or coffee in the lobby, but just remember only water is allowed in the auditorium!

Parking is pretty limited here. Remember this is Sunset Blvd, and it’s very congested. We strongly suggest cabbing, car pooling, Uber’ing, etc. If you do drive you’ll probably be able to find metered parking on the street, but you may have to walk a bit! Here is a site that shows you where you'll find parking: https://www.spotangels.com/#parking-near=7655-West...

We will have more updates in the coming days! In the meantime, start making your plans, and hit us up if you have any questions!

We can’t wait to see you guys!!!

~ Catch the Moon Team 💌

Cathy Heller

Cathy is the go to girl for all things music licensing. If you asked a music supervisor to name the indie artist they think has most cracked the code on how to be successful in this world, her name would be first to come to mind. She's famous for having hand crafted a career as a songwriter, starting her own licensing agency and helping other artists as well as herself to get their songs on TV. Her music has been featured in ads for McDonalds, Walmart, Kellogs and many TV shows, films and even a few theme songs. Her journey has been documented with full page magazine spreads like Variety, Billboard and the LA Weekly to name a few. She has spoken on the DIY hustle and how to reverse engineer your dream job at countless places such as UCLA, the Grammy Museum, Billboard Film/TV conference, ASCAP Expo, Berklee School of music and more.

Cathy hosts one of the top 20 podcasts, "Don't Keep Your Day Job". She's helping people everywhere figure out how to find more purpose, doing what their most passionate about full time. When she's not teaching or podcasting, Cathy is still songwriting. Most recently she wrote the main title theme song to a Netflix show, "Llama Llama", starring Jennifer Garner. In her free time she’s busy playing dress up with her little girls (6 and 4 and 1 years).

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